Friday, June 27, 2014


About a month ago, I decided that for my health (both mental and physical) it was time to leave teaching behind. It's kind of scary. Teaching has been my existence for most of my adult life. But it's better for me, and better for my students, that I make this decision while I am still a good teacher. I've seen too many people scared to leave who really ended up not being good for the students anymore. So, as of last Friday, I am a retired teacher.

I celebrated my first day of retirement by getting up at 5:45 (I slept in a whole hour). Then, I dragged everyone in the house to the gym. I mean, my whole idea is to get healthier, right? Everyone must suffer with me. And, due to knee and hip problems, I decided that water aerobics would be much easier on my body. Well...

First, there is the issue of a bathing suit for a plus size women. I have one. It's from a lovely company called Junonia, which designs athletic clothing for plus size women. A "tankini" with a skirt. Well, it might be fine for folks sitting on a chaise lounge, next to the pool,but once you start jogging in 4ft deep water, everything floats up! So, the dreaded search for an appropriate bathing suit has begun.

I thought that water aerobics would be easy on my joints. Right. It may be, but I'm one of the youngest people in the pool, and these old folks are wiping me out! There is no letup, no break for an hour. OK, I'm jogging with my weight mostly supported, but I'm still moving all the major muscle groups continuously for an hour. And the props! They handed me a noodle and a set of styrofoam weights. They weigh next to nothing. But one of the ladies, a lovely, slender former preschool teacher, warned me away from the "heavier" weights. She said, "Hon, you'll never come back if you try class with those". And she's right. If the ones I used were considered low resistance, it's going to be a while before I try anything harder. I was absolutely wiped out on both Monday and Wednesday. Slept most of the afternoon! So, today, I took it a little easier. My brain remembers being in much better shape, but my body is complaining loudly.

My fellow poolmates insist that I'll improve, and I'm sure they're right. But, starting after so long without exercise is painful. The smallest change...3 classes a week.