Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Book Review: Infuse

I got Infuse as I love working with herbs and making infused oils that I use in various salves and rubs. I thought it would be fun to move into working more with food and drink infusions. This book doesn’t disappoint.
Every home cook can use the recipes in this book. And, everyone can easily afford the main tool; a mason jar! So easy, so uncomplicated. The terms like muddling are explained. In fact, most readers will wonder how they didn’t think of these recipes themselves, as they’re so simple. I know that reading this has made me think of how I can play with the ideas to make my own mixtures. I’m really looking forward to the Limoncello among the recipes listed.
The illustrations are beautiful, and the layout is easy to follow. I feel that there is a lot of wasted space though, when the illustrations take up a whole page rather than more recipes. But, all in all, a book that I’m going to keep on my “to be used” shelf, and not on the “collectible” shelf!