Friday, November 23, 2012

Small changes

The smallest change. All too often, I've tried to change my life in drastic, dynamic jumps. No carbs, Mediterranean diet, exercise programs that had me in agony by the third day. This time, I'm going to take it in small steps. This blog is going to be my journal as I ease into change. Some of it will be recipes. I love to cook! Low carb and paleo diet recipes are going to be my focus. I probably won't be pure paleo, as I love cheese too much. As well, I'm going to include recipes and information about herbs and other natural healing. Exercise? Well, I will probably journal that, too. I'm trying to accommodate a body that is putting limits on me, but more gentle exercise is possible. Tai Chi, yoga, walking...all part of a balanced lifestyle. And, once in a while, there will be rants. Rants about work, rants about what's going on in the food world, rants about life in general. Feel free to join in, or ignore. Up to you!