Saturday, December 8, 2012

Why change?

My father died at age 55. He never lived long enough to retire, to see grandchildren, to truly relax. He loved life, and his life choices cut his life short.

So, I've never smoked. That is what took his life. But I've made a lot of other life choices that have probably shortened my life expectancy. I'm hoping that the changes I'm writing about here will allow me to reverse what some of those bad choices have done to me.

The first is weight. I worked out 6 days a week for years, teaching Taekwondo and juijitsu. 3 or 4 classes a day, working out with the students through every class. Although I wasn't slim, I was in good shape. I still have a perception of myself as a strong woman, and every time I have to ask for help with something, it irritates me, and jolts me back to my current reality.

Then, I picked up a box of books the wrong way, and messed up a disc. Back surgery, and fear of more damage stopped my workouts. Not smart. Exercise would have probably kept my core strong and avoided back pain for years. But, I can exercise again. I've added Tai Chi to my mornings. Dr. Paul Lam has a lovely program that is designed for arthritis. Short form, and a type of exercise I am comfortable with.

So, a start back to health. Tai Chi and walking. And, looking back at a previous post, I've cut back the soda. Only about 3 in the last 3 weeks. Not as hard as I had feared.

SO, let's continue. The goal is to have a longer life, a healthier life, an enjoyable life. Hope you come along with me.