Thursday, January 2, 2014

Catching up.

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. The time since April has flown away. It's been a tough year.

First, I returned to my roots in martial arts. I've been practicing the Tai Chi for Arthritis sequence in my home for about 4 years. I decided to take the next step and get certified to teach this spring. I was a little nervous, as I'm obviously not in perfect shape. But the class was great, and I earned my certification. It feels good to be doing something that I love again. I'm not going to quit my yoga practice, but I am enjoying my practice, and getting ready to start a class at work.

As well, I found a new endocrinologist. Dr. Wiggy (what a cute name), is an actual thyroid specialist. He's put me on a natural supplement. So, that small change is helping me have a little more energy, and I'm hoping it will help with weight loss. However, a month-long bout with knee pain has the orthopedist talking knee replacement. Fleh!

The most exciting thing over the last few months has been working on men's shaving products with my son. It's a little hard to do with him 5000 miles away, but Facetime and FB chat have helped. The first two products have been wonderful. The shaving soap and the beard conditioning oil are in beta test mode as we speak, and my husband loves the shave cream I developed for him. That one I have to figure out how to ship though. I'm afraid it will melt. I'll be posting more about the products and how to get them soon!

This year, I'm hoping to start working toward something, rather than just reacting to events in my life. Planning, planning, planning. A goal without a plan and a date is just a dream. Time to wake up.