Saturday, January 18, 2014

Letting go of doubt

I was so delighted when I packaged up my beard conditioning oil and sent it out to all the people who volunteered to beta test it. I thought the response was great! I had it all allocated within a couple of hours, with just a small announcement on Facebook. Feedback has already started coming in, and people are enthusiastic about the results. I knew it was great stuff!

I am finding that making the products is a lot of fun. Marketing, not so much. It's a skill I'm going to have to learn. For years, whenever I made these sorts of things, I just gave them away to friends. You know, that feeling that your things are ok, but not really good enough. Not good enough. My stuff is fabulous! I use the finest ingredients I can find, I mix with care, I infuse it all with my love for family and friends. It's good enough. The only thing I truly need to improve is the labeling. I'm looking for someone to help with that, as artistic things are beyond my scope.

I'm also having fun deciding what to make next. I have the base formula for the beard conditioning oil to the point I like. The shaving soap, I'm still playing with. The hemp based soap is good, but I want to learn to make cold-process soap. That's close to a chemistry class! The pre-shave oil is in my plans for this weekend. That should have a wider popularity than beard oil, I hope. So, three day weekend! Lets get going!