Monday, November 3, 2014

NaBloPoMo #3

NaBloPoMo...silly sounding. But, I've made a commitment to write a blog post every day for the month. Today was pretty boring, but it made me think. I'm retired now. The crises in my life, the interesting things, all of it is up to me. No job to hold my feet to the fire, no stress of grades due, deadlines, meetings. Nope.

The weekend was quiet. Cold, nasty weather set in, and none of us really wanted to go out. So, I worked on my jewelry, made hot food, and read a lot. Since I have a few new books around, that made Mom a happy camper! And, since I went to the commissary and stocked up, I didn't even have to go the grocery store for anything!

So, today I did manage to get to my aerobic class. Monday, and the pool was cold! The pool was pretty full today, and everyone was full of stories about the Halloween weekend. Mine was sad...only one trick or treater. I wish I'd given her all the candy, because it's calling my name. The instructor is a nice young man, in college. His class is fairly set, not a lot of variety from class to class. But today, he changed one small thing. The music

For the last couple of weeks, the music has just been kind of quiet, in the background. Today, he had a playlist with a beat. Solid, 4/4 with a good pace. All the exercises gained in intensity, and people buckled down and did the work. One small change, and I really got wiped out! Came home, fed everyone, and then the exhaustion hit. Hashimoto's is still kicking my butt...but I'm kicking back.