Sunday, November 2, 2014

Starting the month right

Yesterday, I decided that I need to do more than spend all day on the computer. The computer obliged by going black almost immediately after I posted that. So, I went out, ran errands, and came home. After a few seconds, my husband had checked all the connections, and it was simply a loose connection between computer and monitor. But, I decided that sitting down to Facebook again just wasn't an option.

So, I dragged out a few boxes of neglected craft supplies, and went through them. I'm kind of a collector. I find pretty things, and buy them, swearing I'm going to finish the project. Then, they collect up in boxes.

I pulled out some beautiful lapis lazuli beads, and rummaged around until I found some gold spacers and all the findings I needed. I arranged it all on the bead board, and in an hour had a beautiful necklace. It didn't take long. It wasn't hard. Why haven't I been doing this before?

The smallest change. Walk away from my computer. Do something productive. Make something beautiful. What can I do today?