Saturday, November 1, 2014

New month, new challenges

I've decided that being bored is not my favorite emotion. I've been looking for something to engage my brain as well as something to engage my body. Both kinds of health need to be improved.

SO, NaNoWriMo and NaBloProMo have appeared on the horizon. I've got the start of my novel, and will use my progress on that as the basis of some of my blog posts. I've got an idea for a new blog (Secret, but exciting just now) and lots of new books to read and write reviews for.

Physically, the water aerobics classes seem to be all the demanding classes that I can handle just now. I'm still aiming for three times a week. I've been making it to two on a regular basis, but I need that third class if I'm really going to see any progress. I am planning to re-start my tai chi practice at home on the off days.

I thought it was kind of weird to start November with plans like this. But truly, can't we re-invent ourselves every day? I'm retired. I don't have to live by someone else's schedule. Let's get this thing started!